Unique Access

Global investors can access opportunities from a previously inaccessible market of early and growth-stage startups, through a fully regulated equity management platform. Jibrel aims to better connect global investors with some of the fastest-growing startup economies in the world.


Full Transparency

By automating capitalization tables and shareholder governance, Jibrel provides investors with more transparency and control. Investors can exercise equity rights, such as liquidation preferences, anti-dilution provisions, and governance voting, through a simple interface.


Digital Exit Facility

Jibrel enhances market depth and liquidity in a way that is legally and technically secure by facilitating secondary transfers through a digital exit facility.


Regulated and Enforced Investor Rights

Shareholder rights are protected and ensured through automated enforcement. Investors directly own digitized equity through a fully regulated equity management platform. Using Jibrel, investors can exercise their governance rights through a simple interface.

How to Start?

To start investing, please verify your identity.