Global Capital at a Fraction of the Cost and Time

Jibrel stimulates global capital formation and reduces market frictions by deploying best-in-class financial and legal technology. The platform empowers startups with the ability to raise capital globally at a fraction of the cost and time.


Wider Reach

Jibrel allows startups to attract, onboard and manage a much larger and a more diversified pool of investors. The platform utilizes digitized securities, equity, and convertible notes, to simplify and streamline investor oversight and management.


Easier Management of Equity Rights

By programmatically embedding various divisions of equity rights into digital securities, Jibrel facilitates the automation of governance and compliance making investor management much more scalable.


Streamlined Securitization through Digital Equity

Tokenization of equity is a more efficient means of asset securitization. Digital securities provide a wide range of benefits to startups — ultimately redefining how companies are built, funded and managed.

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