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Jibrel enables startups and investors to connect, in previously unimaginable ways, to create capital formation.

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Fully Regulated MENA Access

Global investors can access investment opportunities in the Middle East and North Africa, through a fully regulated equity management platform. Jibrel is regulated by the Abu Dhabi Global Market (ADGM).

Higher Transparency for Investors

By automating capitalization tables and stakeholder governance, Jibrel provides investors with more transparency and control. Investors can exercise equity rights, such as liquidation preferences, dilution provisions, and governance voting, through an easy to use platform.

Wider Reach for Startups

Jibrel allows startups to attract, onboard and manage a much larger and more diversified pool of investors. Jibrel utilizes digitized securities, equity, and convertible notes, to simplify and streamline investor oversight and management.

What’s in it for you?

Unique Investment Opportunities

Source opportunities from a previously inaccessible market of startups. Jibrel aims to better connect global investors with one of the fastest-growing startup economies in the world, the Middle East and North Africa.

Early Access to Growing Startups

Invest early in the disruption of multi-billion dollar industries alongside seasoned investors and industry veterans. Through the Jibrel platform, you’ll be able to support the companies you believe in and want to see succeed.

Regulated & Enforced Investor Rights

Ensure your investor rights are enforced. Investors directly own digitized equity through a fully regulated equity management platform. Using Jibrel, investors can exercise their governance rights through a simple interface.

A Chance to Participate in an Emerging Technology

Play a role in shaping the future. Tokenization of equity is a more efficient means of asset securitization. Digital securities provide a wide range of benefits to startups, investors and ecosystem enablers. Help us redefine how companies are built, funded and managed.

Reimagining how companies are built, funded and managed