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Arabot is the first intelligent Arabic bot to help businesses improve customer's experience and deliver an enjoyable journey using arabot’s conversational A.I. platform.

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  • Repeat founders with proven track record of developing, launching and scaling digital businesses in the Middle East.
  • Profitable business with over 400% annual growth.
  • Over 420,000,000 Arabic speakers globally.
  • Major repeat client base including Aramex, YAS Island, Ferrari world, MOCD UAE, CDA UAE, Orange, Total and others in the Middle East.


  • 2 Billion total addressable market with 28% CAGR.
  • Competitive advantages include Arabic conversation/NLU, domain expertiser
and propreitery IP.
  • Partnerships with PwC, Microsoft, STC, Orange Business and Unifonic.
  • 100 Million USD valuation target at exit in 2023.
  • Bot-as-a-Service Business Model.

Industry Problems

Poor customer service. Slow response time. Lack of automation. High payroll costs. Not on our watch.

Value Proposition

  • Enable people/customer to interact & communicate with chatbots in arabic with a understanding of content and analysis dialects.
  • Arabot A.I. system stands out as the 1st platform of it kinds by providing a smart Arabic Chabot built upon a state of the art Arabic proprietary NLP. Non-native Arabic chat-bot solutions are ported.

Revenue Streams and Services/Products

Arabot’s BAAS (Bot As A Service) business model is a subscription-based model with different categories based on volume, traffic, domains and features. Arabot charges an initial setup fees to build and integrate arabot with the client/partner’s platform & infrastructure.

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Core Team

  • Lana AL Kayyali Data Scientist
  • Basel Ariqat Data Scientist
  • Abdallah Alian Senior Java Developer
  • Aya Kilani Software Engineer
  • Mohammad Abdallah Senior Java Developer
  • Nadine Jaradat Data Science Team Lead
  • Baker Buras

Future Plans


  • Set-up business development team by hiring a BD Director and 3 account managers.
  • Grow technology team from 9 engineers to 16.
  • Create content team (2 hires).
  • Roll-out talent retention plan.

Expansion Plans

  • Solidify Arabot’s position as the leading Arabic chatbot.
  • Establish development offices in KSA and UAE.
  • Expand Arabot strategic partnership program.

Product Development

  • Develop new industry domains.
  • Build on-premise product “bot-in-a-box".

About Arabot

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    Arabot Company ltd

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